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me, la 21-a de sep 2005, 21:30

College makes me sick of Sublime.

lu, la 19-a de sep 2005, 16:11

Auto response from Scato13: watching laguna beach for thumper

Awesome. My influence is taking hold.

di, la 18-a de sep 2005, 20:22

"Hiccups: what's the point of them? What purpose do they serve?"
~ Girl walking past my room

ĵa, la 15-a de sep 2005, 00:00

I tried really hard to get Macgyver as my ringtone, but it failed because apparently Verizon isn't cool enough to get good things.

I want to cry.

me, la 14-a de sep 2005, 14:40

Degree Navigator is such a worthless piece of shit. Fine, don't register me for a class I'm already in. I don't give a fuck. I hate technology.

lu, la 12-a de sep 2005, 13:00

I'm trying to figure out how someone who can get into college lacks the thinking skills to realize that walking backwards downstairs in a crowd while talking to friends might not be the best idea.


lu, la 12-a de sep 2005, 09:00

I hate bad dreams.

I like Mondays because I only have three classes, and none of them are really that bad (music tech, sightsinging, calc 2).

I really fucked up my finger. And I think I'm going to start playing piano again. And looking at my homework makes me realize what a dumb class music tech is.

di, la 11-a de sep 2005, 14:43

It appears that my tendonitis is back. So I have to start going to PT sessions again. Fabulous.

My getting home for fall break problem has been solved. Yay Alison!

I would practice right now, but I can't really lift my right arm without pain, so I think that maybe I'll do some calculus instead.

Stupid sectional that's at the same time as the Family Guy premier. I take back that "Yay Alison".

sa, la 10-a de sep 2005, 13:30

I can't believe I'm about to go to a party at Gordon Stout's house. My life is awesome.

ve, la 9-a de sep 2005, 23:52

Highlight of the day:

Random guy outside my window: "HEY DOES ANYONE WANT TO FUCK ME?!"
Me, screaming out window: "NO"
Random guy: "hahahahahaha fair enough"

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